Design & Craftsmanship

Inquiring or Discussing Your Design for your own One-Of-A-Kind Piece

Your vision and design ideas are what we care for and what is most important to us. We help you look at our past designs, or designs from anything that appeals to you. We will work with you to interpret the design honestly and accurately. Your design ideas can come from anywhere and we can make sure that you're final design is the one you have been dreaming about.

Quote Estimate of Purchase Order and Flexible Production Time

Before we begin rendering your concept, it is our obligation to give you an accurate quote. We get in contact with one of our factories overseas which they then apply specific changes in order to create a sketch of your jewelry piece. Our factory understands us and enables their best work based on your exact needs. "We know Jewelry". We provide the sketch along with the estimate of carat weight for the Diamonds or Gemstones we use as well as grams of the metal types that would build your piece. We give an unlimited amount of design changes if you are not satisfied with the sketch. We will work very hard to achieve your beautiful masterpiece. Once you have approved the Purchase Order, we provide a flexible time of production of when you can expect your new Jewelry piece.

Approval & Manufacturing

A deposit will be required to start your Open Order with our factory. The Computer Assisted Design (CAD) station helps envision the manufacturer's exact detail of your vision and makes it real. Once the renderings are considered perfect and ready for manufacturing, they begin the process of creating your One-Of-A-Kind piece carefully hand crafted with utmost precision. The process takes two weeks and no part is outsourced.

Updates & Shipment Hand-Offs

During the entire Production time we will let you know of any updates that we receive from our factory. It is important to know that there is no exact date for finished production. We will contact you once your piece is ready to be shipped or picked up. One hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed upon completion, is what gives our manufacturing style its credibility and our efforts acknowledged worldwide.