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Sophia D is a family-run company, renowned worldwide for over 40 years because of its rich history of design and quality craftsmanship. Our unique jewelry line is inspired by classic designs, from Art Deco to Antique Reproduction.

The History

Sophia D. was founded by Joseph Dardashti, Sophia's father, a seventh-generation jeweler and immigrant to the United States. Recognizing a gap in the market for Antique Reproduction and Art Deco styled jewelry, Joseph leveraged his expertise and determination to establish himself as a top jeweler. His commitment to top-quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece, all of which are designed in-house by Joseph himself, resulting in truly unparalleled work.

Present Day

Sophia D. is based in New York City and now operates as a father-daughter team. Sophia (Dardashti) Karmel was born into the jewelry world, sketching designs from a young age and spending time with Joseph in his 5th Avenue office and factory. Drawing upon her extensive experiences and expertise, Sophia joined the family's fine jewelry business. Her multifaceted background equips her to lead the business with a holistic approach, blending creativity, data-driven strategies, and family-focused management principles.

Our Promise

Sophia D delivers unparalleled jewelry designs, seamlessly integrating intricate techniques through the utmost precision in craftsmanship.

Attention To Detail

Sophia D's intensive process of design, from idea generation, to sketches to manufacturing is recognized as unparalleled in the industry.

High Quality Materials

With a history of creating jewelry for some of the world's largest jewelry houses, Sophia D prides itself on sourcing and selecting the finest stones, which are then handcrafted into high-quality pieces of jewelry.

One Of A Kind Pieces

Most of the Sophia D inventory consists of one-of-a-kind pieces, in addition to our main collection. We also work individually with clients to create their own unique, custom pieces.